The hat is my means of communication, my code, an element that belongs to me, my identity card.

Tommaso Rosati / FOUNDER

ATOME [atom] is a project that materialises the proposals, the style and the dreams of its young creator Tommaso Rosati, designer and influencer, who is sending out his first hats collection.
ATOME [atom] represents a creative and inspiring concept, made of particles that combine with each other and which aim to enhance the charm and elegance of the hat, the most iconic of accessories, proposed in the unique and unmistakable style of its designer.

The wide brimmed hats proposed in two variations of greatness, are of Italian manufacture, they are made in the workshop of expert Florentine artisans who, with their experience in the field, give pride and quality to each individual hat. all the hats are finished by hand with meticulous attention to details.

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